Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Instagram dump

I haven't done an instagram dump in a while so I thought I would.
Here's a brief look into life the last few months.
Somehow he got roped into being in the high school play and really enjoyed it. He is such a reserved kid so this was very out of his comfort zone but did well and had a blast. So much so he has decided to take some more drama classes in college.

I tried bring this cute thing home but the husband said no. We had so many strays out in the rural town I work in it's hard not to want to rescue them all. Fortunately one of our Nurse's took this cute dude home.


A new job for Matt. It just happens to be at one of my favorite places to eat! 

This one...two hours shopping for new shoes and all we came home with is new shades.

Where you can find him most weekend.....


Nicki said...

Countdown to graduation mom.....


Fun 'dump' - can only imagine what next month's will be like (if graduating a kid there is anything like graduating a kid here --- and I suspect it is. #busybusybusy)

PS - cute little pup.

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