Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moments after yesterday's post was published....

I kid you not...within minutes after yesterday's post about Stella was published she came limping over to me. Her left hind leg ligament tore.
This story is not made up!
When the first ligament tore (on the right leg) the vet warned us the left one would eventually tear, as there was already damage showing. But he figured it would be a year or two before that would happen....not 5 weeks after the other one.
So as I type this out she is back in surgery to repair the left leg. We are just stunned this happened so soon and without her doing anything more than walking outside to potty.
She will be at the vet for two days just like last time and then home for weeks of crating, carrying her out to potty and lots of pain meds. My heart just breaks for her and I am crying some for my bank account.
Dogs are not cheap!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Stella update

We are almost 5 weeks post surgery and Stella is almost back to normal. Her new normal isn't as good as her pre-tear normal but she will be able to almost everything she used to do.
Two weeks ago we were able to start taking her on small slow walks. She was so excited to get out of the house that all she wanted to do was smell everything. Our 10 minute walks barely got us to the end of the street because she spent most of her time like this!

Last week we got the official okay to not crate her during the day. Chris took down her crate a few days ago and she spent the next hour laying in the exact spot the crate had been in. We always thought she hated being crated but now I'm not sure.
You can see in the picture below her hair is slowly coming back and she is still half naked. Her incision looks great, she is getting great mobility back in the knee and she stinks to high heaven. Next week she is going to the groomer!

We are now up to 20 minute walks, not as much stop sniffing and a little bit of trotting when she gets excited. She has also lost more weight which surprised us since she hasn't been as active. The extra weight loss will defiantly help with the knee being more stable.
Our last milestone will come in two weeks when she can start doing up/down the stairs by herself. We are still having to carry her up and down them which isn't fun at all.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fossil hunting

April has been a very busy month for us.
I'm not even sure what made it so busy but it seemed every waking moment
we had something that had to be done.
Yesterday came around and we realized we were schedule free. The oldest was on a Senior trip to Southern CA, so the three of us at home piled in the car and went fossil hunting.

When Isaac was in 3rd grade we came here on a field trip and both he and Chris loved it.
South of us in a town called Coalinga there are tons of fossils. There was a whole lecture on it during that field trip but I don't remember...but trust me there is a reason why we can find a  lot of fossils in this location.
 I never thought they would be able to find the exact location so I dress for lunch...not trudging through a dry river bed.... 

But alias....they found it. So off they went searching for fossils. Me on the other hand took selfies and tried to not step in snake holes.

When the selfies got boring I took to building cairns.
I had to tendency to leave cairns in places I have been.
 I really need to start a whole post on my cairns cause it is quite enjoyable.

A few fossils were found, I got some nice color on my shoulders, Isaac had a lot of fun getting dirty in the mud and I did get a nice lunch at the end of the wasn't all bad.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Roses are in bloom

Our roses are starting to bloom!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So this happened last Friday....

Something very cool happened last Friday...
Matt legally changed his last name to his Step-dads.
It's something he has been wanting to do for over a year but we told him he needed to wait until he was 18. The minute he turned 18, he was hounding me to get him the paperwork so we could get a court date.
It took over 3 months to finalize the whole thing but as of last Friday these two have the same last night...they are legally stuck with each other now!!!
I'm thrilled that Matt wanted to take Chris's last name...Chris has been a wonderful father figure to him (as he hasn't had one for years) and it only seemed fitting he would honor that by changing his name.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hite Cove Trail

I read about Hite Cove Trail on a Yosemite Blog not long ago and it's been on my to-see list since then.
Hite Cove is 10 miles outside of the Merced Entrance to Yosemite and
it was finally time for the poppies to be in bloom so this morning I made the 3 hour drive...
I wasn't disappointed!
What I wasn't prepared for was the very narrow trail.....

It was super narrow especially with all the people on the trail.
Every time someone wanted to get by me I let out a little whimper of panic.
I would also like to point out the man in the picture below...
he is climbing the rocks to get
a better picture.
He was nuts because if you tumble down the rocks and over the narrow trail -
you tumble down 200 feet toward the Merced River below....

Look out below.....

It was a beautiful hike and I am glad I did it. I can't say I would ever do it again, but for those more daring than me the trail goes back 4 miles where there is an abandoned mining camp. I couldn't make it past the first mile.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stella's recovery update

Stella's recovery is going quite well. The leg is healing nicely and I'm over my anxiety attacks.
Neither of us are sleeping well but that's expected.
We keep the cone off most of the day - she really doesn't mess with her leg which is wonderful.
If she isn't in one of the two crates we have set up for her, she is leashed and next to us.
The only time she gives us fits is when we put her in the big crate we are using when we go to work.  She has gotten out of it three times! Now it has 4 clips, a bungee cord and a coffee table in front of it.

The boys are being very helpful with ear rubs, belly rubs and just keeping her happy and content.  5 more weeks of leash and rehab but the cone will be done soon I hope.

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